About Feelings to Fight

When I was diagnosed I found myself in multiple unfamiliar places and feelings. Being out of work for 6 months while I underwent Chemotherapy treatments; due to my compromised immune system and going through chemo during the winter months and flu season, I was advised it would be in my best interest to have limited contact with others. I had chemo treatments every other week and usually by the time I was able to get back to feeling somewhat “normal” it was time for treatment again. As I reached out to some of the larger known agencies to inquire about possible assistance for Breast Cancer patients, I found myself being vulnerable and discouraged. What some may not realize when going through an illness, that imposes major life changes to your once sense of independence, becomes just as much a mental strain as the physical strain when you now have to accept the help of others,  but also ask for the help. I was given information that appeared to send me through a long process of phone calls and red tape.

      From this experience I felt that no one should have to go through this. I decided to start my own foundation to assist cancer patients with resources. What I pride myself most about this organization is that when you call, I am the familiar and local voice that greets you from my personal cell phone number. My ultimate goal is to expand Feelings to Fight beyond the state of Virginia, however that same familiar voice will not change no matter what.

“No ONE fights alone, Early Detection Saves Lives, It Saved Mine!!!”