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Early Detection Saves Lives/Time Stands Still for No One/Saving Lives One Year At A Time


Concept for the foundation was birthed from a personal experience with Breast Cancer and due to the benefit of early detection; it changed the future of my life. For a person who has experienced a Breast Cancer diagnosis at any stage, it can be overwhelming and life altering in many ways. The first and most obvious response is negative or positive; the attitude of choice is yours. I decided June 22, 2017, my attitude of choice would be to positively affect, support, and educate others. Help them change negative feelings to positive energy necessary to fight the task that lie ahead of them.


Feelings to Fight works to educate, support and provide financial resources to a person diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The Foundation will organize educational forums, medical resources, and other fundraising activities to support the functions of the foundation.


  • Host an annual scholarship fund to provide a student of a Breast Cancer patient with a 500-1000 scholarship
  • Provide financial assistance to a breast cancer patient that is non-insured

Feelings to Fight

February 2023 Cancer Prevention Month

Survivor Of The Month

Angela Seaborne

Angela Seaborne has been cancer-free since July 2018!  She is a Special Educator and has been touching the lives of young people for more than twenty years.  Angela and her husband, Rahkeem are the proud parents of Rashad(20) and Amya(16).  Angela is the Exceptional Education Specialist for Petersburg City Public Schools. Early detection is critical and saves lives. Regular routine testing is the first step! She hopes that through her story, “Others can see the power of God, prayer, and family”.